Cipulot/EC87: EC87 is an Electrostatic Capacitive (EC) TKL keyboard PCB.



EC87 is an Electrostatic Capacitive (EC) TKL keyboard PCB.

This project is a continuation of my development of open source EC boards after publishing the Corne EC Revival.

Below is the KLE of the supported layout:


Multi layout support is planned for Rev2.

[](#technical-information)Technical information

  • Layout size: tenkeykess (TKL)
  • Compatible switches: EC switches (Topre and NIZ)
  • Microcontroller: STM32F411
  • Connector: detachable USB Type C
  • Firmware compatibility: QMK (with VIA/VIAL support)
  • Protection hardware:

    • Fused
    • ESD protection

[](#renders-and-prototypes)Renders and Prototypes

[](#ec87-pcb)EC87 PCB


EC87 PCB Top Render

EC87 PCB Bottom Render


EC87 PCB Top Proto

EC87 PCB Bottom Proto



EC87 Plate Render


EC87 Plate Proto



EC87 Backplate Render


EC87 Backplate Proto

[](#revisions-and-relative-features)Revisions and relative features


First revision of the board used for validation purposes of the circuit and QMK software.

Features include:

  • Extension of the analog sensing circuit used in Corne EC Revival
  • STM32F411 MCU for better performance, both cycle wise and in ADC performance compared to 32U4
  • APC (Actuation Point Changer) with predefined actuation points and full scale analog switch control (full board / per key)


Rev 2 is already in the work and will have some radical changes, to allow better compatibility, layout options and performance improvements.

Features that will be included:

  • Addition of multi-layout option (ANSI, ISO and different bottom rows)
  • Rework of the analog circuit, basing it off a new "standard" model that is in development by Gondolindrim (absolute chad), myself and others. This so that we achieve a reliable enough design to enable more designers and more EC boards to get into the wild.
  • Dedicated PCBs for specific MX boards already being run.


Implementation of APC and initial calibration is in development. This features will allow to choose from a set op predetermined actuation points by simply cycling through them using a key combination. The initial calibration is to ensure that the overall baseline reading is equal across all the keys. Later, in Rev2, this will be used to adjust hardware gain through dedicated control circuit.

See commits in Firmware for details about teh state of development.

[](#copyright-notice)Copyright notice

This project is released under the MIT License. For the license, please refer to the file.

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