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  In a previous post, we discussed using the new InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol as a way to load data into Jupyter Notebooks. After experimenting with our previous example code for using IPFS, we decided that using IPFS would be more organic in a Notebook if you could use it from Python as a native library. The jStart team […]

在上一篇文章中,我们讨论了使用新的行星际文件系统(IPFS)协议作为将数据加载到Jupyter Notebook中的方法。 在尝试了使用IPFS的先前示例代码之后,我们决定,如果可以从Python中将IPFS用作本机库,则在Notebook中使用IPFS将更加有机。 jStart团队[…]

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Christopher Waldon

克里斯托弗·沃尔登 (Christopher Waldon)

Chris is a software developer with a special fondness for Golang programming, distributed systems, and command line utilities. He’s currently a co-op with IBM jStart and is finishing his Master’s in Computer Science at Appalachian State University.

克里斯是一位软件开发人员,对Golang编程,分布式系统和命令行实用程序特别感兴趣。 他目前与IBM jStart合作,并正在完成阿巴拉契亚州立大学的计算机科学硕士学位。



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